"From a touchable and tangible ministry, we will teach the gifts of faith and love, with these tools we shall unify the body of Christ."

Faith and Love Fellowship Church (FLFC) is led by Senior Pastor Altony Foote, accompanied by Co-Pastor Gloria Foote. The church is driven by blessings and miracles with the power of The Holy Spirit. Its body of ambassadors are driven to do God's work and are led with LOVE. You can feel the presence of God when you enter Faith and Love Fellowship Church.

Faith and Love Fellowship Church celebrated its 10th year anniversary!

Sundays - 11 am
Sunday Morning Bible Study - 10 am
Wednesday Night Bible Study – 7 pm
Wednesday Night Children Bible Study – 7 pm

About the Pastor and Co-Pastor

Pastor/Founder Rev. Altony Foote has been in the ministry for over 40 years. He is prepared to do what God has commanded him to do. He has created a fun, family, intimate, learning environment for his members. He teaches the tools to obtain a healthy fruitful life in Christ.

Rev. Foote has been married for almost 50 years to First Lady Gloria Foote, who is truly on her mission from God. With being head of the Women's Ministry, Women of Faith (W.O.F), First Lady Foote spends her time dedicated to teaching and spreading the Gospel and allowing FLFC to be in the Will of God.

Rev. Foote ushers the Holy Spirit in during the services and provides the understanding that we all need to gain the prosperity we all stand in need of.